Raygun Robyn! (curdburglar) wrote in steamgear,
Raygun Robyn!

Fallout Vault Dweller Costume up on Ebay!

This was the Fallout 3 Vault Dweller costume I created for Halloween 2009. Blue jumpsuit with painted collar and zipper, vault number"106" on back.
Distressed, beaten and generally abused to give it that Wasteland warrior effect.
One arm and one leg have been viciously torn off, probably by mutants or Raiders and is riddled with holes from guns and laser beams.
Great for Halloween, cosplay or conventions!

Unisex size 34-36. Measures 26" from shoulder to crotch. Elastic band at waist with adjustable belt. More measurements available.

As part of the Vault Experiment, psychoactive drugs were released into the Vault 106 air filtration system 10 days after the door was sealed.
By 2277, the Vault's interior was mostly destroyed but filled with Insane Survivors.

Please ask any questions you may have! Thanks for looking and check out my Etsy site for my original shirts and bags! http://raygunrobyn.etsy.com



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