Ottens (ottens) wrote in steamgear,

Gatehouse Gazette #17 released

The latest edition of the Gatehouse Gazette is for the good times! The age of Jazz and flappers; aeroplanes and deco skyscrapers, all reaching for the skies. The world was roaring in the 1920s and at the Gazette, we remember the era with a splendid collection of articles this issue.

Read about art deco architecture, 1920s fashion, the philosophy of dieselpunk, Boardwalk Empire and Burlesque, Germany's Golden Twenties and more! We have fashion, fiction and reviews, all for free. Download your favorite steampunk and dieselpunk magazine today!

(Do you wish to be published in the Gatehouse Gazette? Let us know! We are always looking for new contributors. Contact the editor at n [dot] ottens [at] gmail [dot] com.)
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