prof_steampunk (prof_steampunk) wrote in steamgear,

The Great Trunk Renovation Adventure

We've been busy since Armadillocon, but thought we'd add a few pix of what's been keeping us busy. Everyone at Armadillocon liked Prof. Steampunk's Time Machine Emporium trunk so much that Lady Artamiss De'cor decided she need one for her adventures. We're almost finished with it here:

To start, though, we picked up a really ugly, abused "mini" steamer trunk at our local steampunk recycling center--better known as Laverty's in Waco. It was so bad I didn't even take any "before" pictures. I should have, but I thought it might not even be salvagable--it had been Vulcanized, a hard rubber coating from the early 20th century that was mostly falling off. But it was cheap, so we decided to have at it.

Got the rubber off, primed it and painted it:

Cleaned out the insides:

Lady Artamiss finally got it to the stage of relining:

Toward the end of the relining:

Once we finish this one, maybe I can talk her into lining MY trunk...unless she starts a new corset...or the gloves she's starting to build now..or we come up with a new mustache wax recipe.
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