thesandstoneman (thesandstoneman) wrote in steamgear,

Gothic Steampunk and Pirate Frock coats- Ornate and all original

All original, handmade, one of a kind Pirate Gothic Velvet Victorian and Steampunk Frock coats by TheSandstoneMan.
For further selection, more information, pricing and sizing visit The Sandstone Man on Etsy:

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Scrumptious! At some (more well-funded) point, I absolutely must commission a coat from you in my size. These are really gorgeous.
You know, as a woman I'm usually pretty happy that we get to wear all of the pretty stuff - but those coats - holy WOW! It's about time the gents got something truly extraordinary. :-D
PS: You might want to put all but the first pic under an LJ cut. Some people get really cranky about that. Just sayin'.